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Courageous Leadership

PASA's Women's Caucus will be hosting an outstanding learning experience for current and aspiring female educational leaders in beautiful Hershey, PA from May 6th through May 8th.

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Data as a Barometer of Social Justice

For more than a decade, I have been on a mission, to help everyone, from politicians to parents and superintendents to support staff, learn how to use data.

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Little Falls School Teachers Take Part In Workshop From Renowned Educator

The Little Falls School District received a shot in the arm when it came to professional development for its teaching staff recently. Dr. Tracey Severns, renowned educator, stopped by to enlighten and help teachers improve the way they conduct the learning environment in their classrooms.

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School leaders pool resources to gain leadership training

More than 120 school officials from Burlington County came together at Seneca High School on Wednesday morning to learn about the importance of leadership.

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Profile: NJ’s Biggest Booster of the Common Core Goes Back to School

Tracey Severns helped guide state's shift to new learning standards in language arts, math

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New Standardized Test Raises Bar and Concerns

The Mt. Olive News, March 2015

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New Standardized Tests Raise Concerns, Hopes in Mount Olive

MOUNT OLIVE TWP. – Lilly O'Connell had her mother's blessings when she became one of more than 100 district students who chose not to take a new and controversial test.

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