Using Data & Progress Monitoring Strategies to Measure, Monitor & Maximize Achievement for Students with Disabilities

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  • Reflections

    Rather than share my reflections, I will share Elizabeth's:

    Hi Dr. Severns, I am writing to you to extend my deepest appreciation for the work that you do and for taking your time to share that work during the professional development classes with us.  I was so captivated and engaged during the last workshop, and your teachings and words resonated so profoundly and deeply within me, that I wanted to stand up and shout "Yes! Exactly! That is exactly how I feel!"  Unfortunately, there are so many teachers who don't share the same thoughts and values as I do, but I am trying to not let that affect how I teach and what I do in my classroom.  Thank you again for your inspiring words, thoughts and teachings! I will hold them dear to my heart as this school year ends and as I begin my new journey next year!