The Wizard is Us - NJSBA Workshop

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  • Reflections

    Rather than include my own reflections, I will share an excerpt from an email I received from a NJ school board president who attended the presentation: 

    "First, I wanted to thank you for your presentation at the school boards conference. Every time I listen to you speak (I think this is the fourth time), I come away feeling reinvigorated about being a board member and working to make our school a great school..The things I hear you talk about describe the school that I, and the other members of our board, dream of having. We want a school where kids run in faster than they run out. A school where every kid learns. The most poignant slide in your presentation was the kids looking over the fence. We want a school where every kid has a box to stand on if they need it. Teachers are teaching between the desks and kids are succeeding. Thank you again!"