Summer Leadership Retreat

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  • Reflections

    Rather than provide my reflections, I will share the feedback I received from the gentleman who hired me. 

    Thanks again for a great couple of days.  I continue to get positive feedback about the day.  Principals have stated they were a little frustrated with giving up a couple of days in June, but now understand how valuable the time was with you and why June was the best time for it.  They commented how well you read the room and connected with them. You "Had just the right comment for each moment."  You "Kept us engaged and made the time move because I can't normally sit for six hours.  I would normally lose it that second day."  "She was so on point and very funny and engaging.  Without question you effectively managed and led a tough crowd.

    You asked yesterday if you "earned" your check.  In hindsight, it was a bargain.  I'm looking forward to building off of this inspirational and practical two days.  It gives us a great start to a summer of planning.  Of course, we would love a friends and family di

    Timothy L. Trow

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Gloucester Township Public Schools

    scount to bring you back. 

    Tim Trow