SIG Summer Leadership Conference

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  • This is the best feedback anyone could hope for!

    "Thank you for presenting at the 2015 SIG Summer Leadership Conference. The work that was presented and the discussions held by the schools were extraordinary. As always, your workshops are interactive, engaging and lively. Of most importance is the valuable content that you skillfully presented to move the participants to think more critically, analytically and realistically about practices and strategies to increase student achievement. Michelle, Katherine and I debriefed this morning about the SLA and were extremely pleased with the presentation outcomes voiced in the evaluations."  - Eileen Burch, NJDOE


    This was an amazing three-day learning experience on how to engage faculty in the work of a high functioning PLC.  If you were to ask me the reaason why it was so ppwerful, I would say it was the use of actual class sets of fourth marking period quarterly assessments that made it real and relevant.  People need to do the work to learn the work.