Partnering with Paraprofessionals

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  • Classrooms with two adults have the potential of offering students twice the level of service and support.  Too often, however, the full benefit of this opportunity is not realized because the individuals are unsure of how to determine each person's role and how they will work togeher.  This workshop is designed to address the professional and interpersonal dimensions of this important instructional relationship.  Participants will learn, practice and apply practical techniques that can be used to clarify expectations, establish roles and delegate responsibilties.


    Great feedback from a participant:

    I wanted to thank you for an informative workshop. I enjoyed discussing
    classroom concerns with others that have the same dynamics in their rooms and
    learning from those that have been in this same role.

    Leading this session taught me that teachers and paras are desperate to learn more about how to manage the often challenging dynamic of having two or more adults in the classroom.  Plans are already in the works for a more extensive training for the Fall!