Leading the Way: How to Integrate Initiatives and Improve Student Achievement

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  • Individually, the CCSS, PARCC and educator evaluation system provide powerful leverage points to improve student achievement.  When combined, they have the potential to completely transform how teachers teach and what students learn.    In order to actualize this potential, school leaders must understand the connectedness that exists among these initiatives and how to use them synergistically to improve their school.   During this workshop, administrators will learn how to integrate CCSS, PARCC, and SGOs into a unified school improvement strategy that makes the work meaningful and manageable.  Specifically, participants will learn what they must know and be able to do to lead the work, what supports they need to provide teachers and students, and what resources are available to support this effort.


    When Maria Nuccetelli asked me to do a presentation for the Passaic County Educational Partnership, I had no idea that this was going to be their last meeting - ever!   Sadly, after about 9 years of providing professional development for school leaders, the group has been disbanded due to a lack of funding by the major sponsor.  While I understand the difficult financial choices organizations have to face during tough times, I am sorry to hear that the administrators who have been served so well by the Partnership will lose this support.  I will end with a word of thanks to Maria Nucceteli for her leadership of this group.