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  • During the school day, PLCs will share how they are using the DRAFT technique to engage in data-based conversations that focus attention on the instructional needs of their students.  Beginning at 6:30pm, parents will participate in a program designed to addressed the most common concern parents have about school - homework!  I am looking forward to a great turnout for No Mas Dolores de Cabeza con Las Tareas (No More Homework Headaches).


    I was completely impressed by the amount of effort and insight teachers brought to the work.  When asked which step of the DRAFT protocol they found most useful, many reported that R (Results) helped them identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses in the students' work products, which helped them differentiate instruction.  The "take away" here is that in order to influence instruction, data analysis needs to go beyond a review of the numbers.  It needs to include a close study of what students put on the lines! 

    The parent program was a great success.  A record crowd came out to learn parenting strategies that get the homework done (without headaches!) and how to help children study.