Evidence-Centered Leadership Conference

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  • Evidence-Centered Leadership requires an honest assessment of the degree to which leaders engage in actions that support the 4 Cs of school improvement: Culture, Capacity, Coherence and Courage. During this two-day conference, participants worked together to understand these dimensions of evidence-centered leadership and how to use them synergistically to improve student outcomes.


    Throughout my career, I have worked with countless educators on numerous topics.  While the content varied, the goal was always the same - to improve the ability of educators to reach and teach students.  Of all the work I have done, I believe that the information and activities included in the Evidence-Centered Leadership Conference have the greatest potential for improving student outcomes.  Based on the feedback I received after the conference, participants think so too!

       "I just wanted to reach out and let you know not only how much I truly enjoyed your two-day workshop, but how much I learned.  Your dynamic and entertaining personality connected with so many of us and we left feeling, "Yes! Someone really gets what our   job, responsibilities, circumstances and stress are like.  And thank God she was able to provide us with usable examples and templates to utilize!" - Christine, Principal

       "Just beyond thrilled at the wealth of knowledge that you delivered to us over those two days! I've already used my "fierce conversation" worksheet twice, and the results were wonderful."  - Leigh, Principal

       "Thanks so much for the wonderful and informative 2 days! I look forward to attending another one of your workshops soon!"  Heather, Director of Special Services

       "Thank you for a wonderful two-day workshop on Evidence-Centered Leadership.  I am a fairly new (2 years) administrator and it was refreshing to be able to leave a workshop with strategies and documents that are ready to go.  The activities and topics were well organized and hit on many of the issues I face on a daily basis.  I look forward to any more upcoming workshops you have to offer."  William, Principal