Evidence-Centered Leadership Conference

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  • Evidence-Centered Leadership requires an honest assessment of the degree to which leaders engage in actions that support the 4 Cs of school improvement:  Culture, Capacity, Coherence and Courage.  During this two-day conference, participants worked together to understand these dimensions of evidence-centered leadership and how to use them synergistically to improve student outcomes.   


    For me, this experience was the realization of a dream and the culmination of decades of research, reflection and real-life experience in schools.  Even more importantly, the eval forms indicate that the experience was meaningful for participants as well!

    "Excellent workshop - Well worth the two days"  "You are a wonderful role model and inspired me to be a great leader." The entire two days were completely motivating and inspiring!"  "Excellent workshop and the humor you infused was great!"

    "Tracey - No presenter or workshop has had more of a profound effect on my role as principal than these 2 days. You inspire with your wisdom, ideas, honesty and magnetism. Never have I felt more prepared for a year.  Thank you!"

    "Best two dayts of inservice motivation - well worth it!"  "Tracey - You are one of a kind.  Thank you so much for validating my year!

    "Absolutely do this annually in July/August for leaders. We need this info and your strategies and knowledge to lead better. I am changed because of these two days.  You showed us the 'how'.