Courageous Leadership

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  • Even schools with high capacity and a strong culture often lack the key ingredient needed to move the school forward.  Courage.  The good news is, according to Jon Saphier, "Courage can be learned."  During this workshop, participants read, discussed and reflected upon Saphier's brief, yet compelling article, "The Courage to Lead" and excerpts from Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.  


    What a great session!  The discussions about what it takes to make difficult decisions and conduct courageous conversations were so honest and heartfelt!  Here is some feedback from participants. One of the supervisors wrote, "Yesterday was great. Thank you. Sometimes conversations are hard, but they need to be done. I plan to purchase Fierce Conversations for a summer read.  I can use as many strategies as I can get."  One of the teachers shared, " Thank you for the training yesterday. It was a wonderful opportunity to gain some valuable insights from people who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share."