August Institute Follow Up with Dr. Tracey Severns

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  • This dynamic, full-day session included two parts.

    Part 1   Creating a New Culture of Teaching and Learning:  Where the Common Core Meets Digital Literacy

    Four school teams presented strategies they have used to promote digital literacy and the Common Core.

    Part 2   From Co-blab-oration to Co-labor-ation:  Developing PLCs that Actually Improve Student Achievement

    Team learned how to engage in the real work of high-functioning Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that actually improve teaching and learning.


    What a powerful example of the benefit of true co-labor-ation.  Participants worked within and across school teams to engage in practices that are actually improving teaching, learning and leading.  Here is what one of the principals had to say: "Thank you for facilitating the PLC workshop. You certainly are correct in saying today is an opportunity. We are leaving with some great ideas & inspired to make some improvements."